Monday, April 23, 2018

He knows when we are ready for the revelation of true, divine love

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On The Shattering of Human Hopes Sermon on the Third Sunday of Pascha, the Myrrh-bearing Women by Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov) of Egorievsk Christ is Risen! The worst thing that can happen in our lives is the loss of Christian hope. Not only hope, but specifically Christian hope. What can be worse than this? Hope… It […]

Christ looks for voluntary love and faith

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Belief and Unbelief Homily on Thomas Sunday by St. Luke, Archbishop of Crimea It was very, very, extremely hard for the apostles to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ had risen. They considered the words of the Myrrh-bearers who brought them this news to be lies. When they went to Galilee, to the mountain as Jesus […]

Sentenced to Immortality

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A Paschal Homily by Blessed Justin of Chelije Man sentenced God to death; by His Resurrection, He sentenced man to immortality. In return for a beating, He gives an embrace; for abuse, a blessing; for death, immortality. Man never showed so much hate for God as when he crucified Him; and God never showed more […]

Holy and Great Friday

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Synaxarion for Holy and Great Friday On this day, Holy and Great Friday, we celebrate the awesome, holy, and saving Passion of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ—the spitting, the blows with the palm of the hand, the buffeting, the mockery, the reviling, the wearing of the purple robe, the reed, the sponge, […]