Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Cry of an Anguished Heart – The Ascetical Significance of the Great Canon

April 2, 2019  
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The Great Canon is a cry of an anguished heart. St. Andrew had been lifted up by God far beyond anything he could have deserved or expected and still he had rejected Him. He had received grace upon grace, and then he had spurned the Giver of grace. And then, in an act of redemption over which St. Andrew clearly spent the rest of his life in utter awe, the same Lord he had rejected and spurned received him back. I do not think it’s too dramatic to say that this experience radically altered St. Andrew’s life, his thought, and his spiritual vision. Clearly he knew the teachings of the Church very well, and for very many years. One does not become an official representative at a Council, much less a Metropolitan Archbishop, without knowing the dogmas of the Faith. He knew, or he thought he knew about the reality of sin, of rebellion, repentance, redemption—of course, he did. And yet in his experience of betrayal—of his betrayal of his Lord—everything changed for St. Andrew.

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