Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Kursk Root Icon

The Kursk Icon was first revealed, near the then abandoned city of Kursk, laying face down on the ground, next to the root of a tree on September 8, 1295. A chapel to house the Icon was built on that same spotThe Icon remained in its chapel until 1383 when Tartars invaded. They burned down the chapel, cut the Icon in two, casting its pieces to either side of the road. The Icon was recovered, miraculously grown back together. A new chapel was built where the Icon remained until 1597.

In the early 1600’s the Icon was transferred to the cathedral church of Kursk, where it remained until 1918, at which time it was removed, in order to be protected from Bolshevik revolutionary forces. The Icon has traveled around the world ever since, to wherever Russians of the Diaspora have dwelt. In the mid-1950’s the Icon was permanently housed at the ROCOR Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign in New York City.

Through the centuries untold numbers of healings and other miracles have been attributed to prayer before this Icon, including the healing of St. Seraphim of Sarov. He prayed before the Kursk Icon as a dying young boy and was miraculously healed.