Thursday, May 26, 2022

St. Basil’s Parish Sunday School

All children from 3 years of age are invited to attend St. Basil’s Parish Sunday School. For families who do not currently attend St. Basil’s, but would like their children to attend the school, please contact Fr. Sergii

The school curriculum is centered around the Law of God and our life as the Body of Christ, the Church, using age-specific manuals, supplemental materials, and creative projects. The program meets the needs of children from elementary through secondary education levels. Over the years we have found that our students immensely enjoy working with these materials, and have come away with a knowledge of their faith that has served to build a strong foundation for future learning.

The school year runs from September to the first week of June. Classes meet on Sundays following Holy Communion in the parish hall.

Church feasts that occur during the school year will also be discussed, along with the corresponding icon, Holy Scripture readings, vocabulary words, and Troparia for the feast. We also include Old Testament stories and lessons, and the Lives of the Saints.

Social activities are also planned by the teachers. These activities give the children a chance to socialize away from the classroom.


Main Objectives for Sunday School:

  • To educate our children according to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Faith and Traditions of the Orthodox Church.
  • To develop in our children a deep love of the Church, its Tradition, and participating conscientiously in its worship and Mysteries.
  • To prepare them for life-long growth in the Orthodox Faith and to develop a firm perspective on their life and times.

The Parish School is currently directed by Mat. Svetlana Alekseev, who also teaches, along with Victoria Nania and Daniela Waller.


The children also present an annual program and enjoy games and activities for the Feast of Nativity, and participate in a vigorous Confetti-filled Easter Egg Game (see below).